Food Bars Offer Customization Options

As guests' preferences and dietary restrictions become more diverse, CKC Good Food Event Catering has expanded the number and variety of food bars on our menus.

When you look at our menus, many of our food bars are grouped with our buffet menus. The two are similar - the difference is that bars have a main entree with lots of condiments and toppings for people to tailor their meal to their liking. Buffets offer a main dish and side dishes from which guests can choose. There generally are not add-ons to embellish items on a buffet.

Today our food bars include:

  • Hamburger Bar
  • Chicago Dog Bar
  • Chili Bar
  • Taco and Burrito Bars (and Breakfast Burrito Bar)
  • Sandwich Bar
  • Salad Bar
  • Gyro Bar
  • Belgian Waffle Bar
  • Yogurt Parfait Bar

Food bars are a popular choice for events because of the advantages:

Customizable: With a food bar, guests can customize their meals according to their preferences and dietary restrictions. This ensures everyone gets to enjoy a meal that suits their taste buds and dietary needs.

Variety: A food bar provides a wide variety of food options, allowing guests to try different things they may not have otherwise tasted.

Convenient: Food bars are easy to set up and serve, making them a convenient option for events where you need to serve a large group of people quickly.

Overall, a food bar is an excellent option for group events because it offers flexibility, variety and convenience for your guests.